Three capital idea is stupidest ever: Raghu Ramakrishna Raju

Ramakrishna Raju privilege motion request on web portal

YSRCP MP Raghu Ramakrishna Raju has trashed CM Ys Jagan and has called his three capital idea as the stupidest ever. Speaking to the media yesterday, Raghu Ramakrishna Raju called the three capital idea is nothing but waste of time and money of government and public. He also added that considering a underdeveloped nation like South Africa as example says how disaster three capital idea is going to be.

It is not only Raghu Ramakrishna Raju, internally many of the YSRCP MLAs and MPs are against the shifting of capital from Amaravati. But fearing the brutality of Ys Jagan, they are said to be silent. On the other hand, Raghu Ramakrishna Raju is the only person in YSRCP who is daringly going ahead against the brutal governance of Ys Jagan Mohan Reddy. It is a fact that nothing is going to stop Ys Jagan from shifting the capital, except for the judiciary system.

The Amaravati Farmers have intensified the protests, TDP is also ready to lock horns with the ruling government. YSRCP gaining negativity from their own party is an clear symbol how bad the idea of three capital could turn. However, CM Ys Jagan Mohan Reddy isn’t ready to listen to anyone and infact he hasn’t met most of his MLAs and MPs in 14 months of ruling.

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