A prominent daily published fake article on Amaravati!

Prominent daily ‘The Hindu’ has published a article on Amaravati stating 70% of the region is prone to floods, Mr. V. Raghavendra has headed this article.

Snap of fake article published by THE Hindu

While the farmers of Amaravati region have lost everything they had, this bizzare article by ‘The Hindu’ is just a added damage to the region. On 11th of January, Mr V. Raghavendra has published the article claiming that IIT Madras has presented a report in which 70% of Amaravati is prone to floods. This article gave way to new debate over the capital region, Amaravati. Amaravati farmers and TDP cadre kept asking the respective journalist Mr V Raghavendra for the source of this publication.

Mean time, one of the citizens has written a mail to the respective departments of IIT Madras. Dean, ICSR & Professor Dr. Ravindra Gettu denied the claims of ‘The Hindu’ in his reply mail to the citizen. He had further stated that no such reports were published are presented to ‘The Hindu’.

Response of IIT – Madras over the baseless article.

Following the denial from IIT Madras about Amaravati region article, Amaravati supporters are demanding ‘The Hindu’ for apology over publishing fake articles in such a baseless way. A news publisher of decades history publishing a article such baselessly hurting the sentiments of lakhs has to be condemned strongly.