TDP protest on high electricity charges levied by YSRCP Govt

TDP questioning YSRCP govt over on high electricity charges

TDP leaders have staged protest on the ruling YSRCP Government for the high Electricity charges it as levied on the public. Inspite of the lockdown, YSRCP government went ahead with the Electricity charges hike. As a result, the middle class man who used to pay Rs 300 to Rs 400 as usual bill had to pay Rs 3800. The ruling YSRCP Government finance Minister Buganna Rajendranath Reddy came up with a peculiar cover up story. Rajendranath Reddy claimed that the people are in house due to Lockdown. Owing to this, consumption could’ve increased. Which has resulted in high Electricity charges, said Rajendranath Reddy.

The cover up Story said said by Rajendranath Reddy is acceptable upto a extent. But, getting a bill 5 times higher than the actual cost is still questionable. Yesterday, TDP Supremo, Opposition Leader Nara Chandrababu Naidu questioned the same in the video conference. After the video conference of Chandrababu, Various TDP leaders have staged protest on high Electricity charges from their home itself.

TDP cadre are trending the same issue in social media also. Common public have also joined their hands with TDP to raise the voice against the high Electricity charges levied by YSRCP Government. But, from the YSRCP end there seems to be no change to their decision in getting back the hiked prices.

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