TDP MLA Atchannaidu health condition very critical

Atchannaidu health condition

TDP MLA Atchannaidu health condition has deteriorated to a very bad and critical state after drop in sugar and BP levels. Through the sources it is known that yesterday night Atchannaidu lost consciousness. After this, doctors have rushed to check the health condition of Atchannaidu. Atchannaidu had a drastic drop in the sugar levels and the doctors have stabilized him for the time being.

It is already a known fact that Atchannaidu underwent a surgery just two days before the arrest. Inspite of bad health, Atchannaidu was arrested and made to travel on road for 12 hours. With this, Atchannaidu surgery got infected and he had to undergo re-surgery to remove the infected part. Even before the healing of Atchannaidu’s second surgery, ACB officials took him for interrogation and made him to sit for over 4 hours.

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Altogether has made Atchannaidu health condition very critical. Even during such critical situation the Officials haven’t allowed the family members to meet Atchannaidu. Meanwhile, TDP has started accusing Ys Jagan led Andhra Pradesh Government for this situation to Atchannaidu. TDP has also said that if any bad happens to Atchannaidu, YSRCP led Andhra Pradesh Government should hold complete responsibility.