Roja calls Amaravati farmers ‘Adangi Vedavallu’

YSRCP leaders are habituated to terming Amaravati farmers with different names. This time, it’s the turn of Nagari MLA RK Roja, APIIC Chairman. She has went on to call the Amaravati farmers as ‘Adangi Vedavallu’. But the following reaction from Amaravati farmers to RK Roja comments wasn’t like before.

Roja, well known for loose talk, has once again matched her reputation. Roja termed the Amaravati farmers as Adangi Vedavallu stating that, “Amaravati region has no real men, so that women are made to protest and men are hiding under their sarees”.

Countering this speech of RK Roja, a woman Farmer from Amaravati region has replied to RK Roja, “Amaravati men are not Adangi Vedavallu, your husband is a Adangi vedava, so that only, you are speaking like a Man. Since your husband is a Adangi Vedava, you put make up and sit in m TV for Jabardasth shows as a paid artist”.

Lady farmer dint stop with there, she also used the same word on CM Ys Jagan and questioned, “If CM YS Jagan is a real man why can’t he come and speak, instead of making Paid artist like Rk Roja to speak”. The Woman farmer also challenged RK Roja to enter the Amaravati region without security.

Seems like Rk Roja got good treatment from the public with a equal Calibre woman Farmer who matched Roja’s mouth.