Ramesh Kumar Reappointed as SEC: hard lesson for Ys Jagan

SEC Ramesh Kumar strong reply letter to AP State Government

With nothing left to do, Andhra Pradesh Government had to pass the GO of Ramesh Kumar getting reappointed as SEC. Finally, the 4 months drama and around 13 court judgements, several stays come to an end. Andhra Pradesh CM Ys Jagan climbed mountains and skies to stop Ramesh Kumar getting reappointed as SEC. Jagan even brough Kangaraj from Tamil Nadu and appointed him as SEC of Andhra Pradesh.

But very soon, court scrapped Kanagaraj as SEC and ordered Andhra Pradesh government to reappoint Ramesh Kumar as SEC. Even then, Ys Jaganed Andhra Pradesh government dragged the issue as far as possible. It tried for stay in supreme court once again. But no court was ready to stop Ramesh Kumar getting reappointed as State election commissioner of Andhra Pradesh.

Court had given time to Andhra Pradesh government till July 30. Andhra Pradesh government passed the GO reappoitning Ramesh Kumar as SEC at at the verge of day end. Infact the GO came online only at 00.16 hours of July 31. However, the democracy had won against the government which tried to be a dictator. This is not only the justice served to Ramesh Kumar, but to the every bureaucrat.

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