‘Days are Long Nights are short’- Future of AP is JSP- BJP

Decades of Dream for BJP in Andhra Pradesh to become a strong party has become true with the alliance of Pawan Kalyan headed Janasena.

BJP Andhra Pradesh State Incharge, Sunil Deodhar in the press meet told, “Sankaranti Marks new beginnings, Days become long and Nights become short. Similarly, BJP- JSP will become strong than the other regional Parties TDP and YSRCP”. Sunil Deodhar also called this alliance as an historic happening in Andhra Pradesh politics.

BJP state working president, Kanna Lakshmi Narayana said, he is happy about the development. He also stated, by 2024, BJP- JSP will be full on power to form the Government together. Kanna added, in the Mean time, BJP will be taking aggressive stand against the dictatorship like impotent rule of Ys Jagan.

Janasena Supremo started explaining that due to some communication gap, alliance for 2019 election was missed out. But keeping the things like special status issue in back burner, Janasena Supremo said, He will be working unconditionally with BJP for the development of the state. He also showered all praises for PM Narendra Modi and Home minister Amit Shah.

Pawan Kalyan and Kanna Lakshmi Narayana clearly stated, they will be Pro- Amaravati. They also added, Ys Jagan won’t be let to shift the capital from Amaravati. Further both the party leaders stated, a joint comittee will be formed for working together with better understanding.

Janasena along with BJP will be taking the local body elections together. Further this alliance will keep working together for 2024 elections with the destiny for ruling the state.