Nellore: D&D Grama Volunteer abused Lady SI

Nellore: D&D Grama Volunteer abused Lady SI

A Grama Volunteer belonging to 21st ward of Atmakur Mandal, Nellore caught in drunk and drive abused a Lady SI in the worst possible vulgar language.

We all already know the free hand the Grama volunteers have got. Just a couple of days ago, a Grama Volunteer named Naresh was caught in attempting to rape the minor girl in Punganur Mandal of Chittoor district. Even before that issue gets a solution, another Grama Volunteer has now got caught in verbally abusing a woman, that too a Lady SI.

The Grama volunteer has abused the Lady SI in the worst possible vulgar language. Not stopping with there, he even threatened the lady SI with F- word and asked her to @#$& his $#@&$. Fearing the behavior of Grama volunteer, Lady SI moved away from him. The constable present along with the SI tried to calm down the volunteer. But he was in no state to listen to the police. The Grama volunteer also threatened her of using Political power of YSRCP against her. It is really sad that all this happened only because he was questioned for drunk and drive.

The YSRCP led Government is the one appointed this Grama volunteers system. Government appointed the Grama volunteers with the taught of doing good to the public. But this Grama volunteers are misusing the power to abuse the public. In a span of two days, two incidents of Grama volunteers physically and verbally abusing the women has occurred. Government should put a check to the Grama volunteers this behavior. On the other hand, public are questioning, Whether the Government will pass Disha act on Grama volunteers.

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