Kesineni Nani calls YS Jagan as Muhammad Bin Tughlaq

Capital issue is taking twists and turns right from the moment Botsa Satyanarayana made statements about capital change. Various leaders across the state are hitting back on YSRCP. Especially, TDP party leaders are fuming on YSRCP for the terrible decision to be made in future. Devineni Uma blasted YSRCP’s stand on Capital yesterday. Following Uma, Vijayawada MP, Kesineni Nani has made hard statements on YS Jagan.

Kesineni Nani had asked YS Jagan not to become another Muhammad Bin Tughlaq. He also mentioned, how Muhammad bin Tughlaq kept changing his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad and vice versa. For which he has bad reputation in the history, pointing at this, Nani asked Ys Jagan not to become a bad part in the history.

“జగన్ రెడ్డి గారు @ysjagan చిన్నపుడు మొహ్మద్ బీన్ తుగ్లక్ గురించి చరిత్ర పుస్తకాల్లో చదివాము 1328 సంవత్సరంలో ఢిల్లీ నుంచి రాజధాని మహారాష్ట్ర లోని దౌలతాబాద్కు తిరిగి అక్కడి నుండి ఢిల్లీ కి మార్చిన వైనం.
మీరు ఆ తుగ్లక్ లాగా చరిత్ర ఎక్కకూడదని భగవంతుని కోరుకుంటున్నాను”.

However, YSRCP is remaining silent to all the Questions made by TDP. Along with TDP, state level BJP leaders have also lashed out at YSRCP for misusing PM Modi’s name. As YSRCP earlier said, State government is informing everything to Central government regarding capital issue. Kanna Lakshmi Narayana, BJP AP president has claimed nothing such informations regarding capital issue has been communicated to centre.