Fearing YSRCP, Chittoor farmer refused to take CBN help

YSRCP unable to digest Chandrababu helping help poor farmer!

Chittoor farmer Nageshwar Rao has refused to take the help of TDP Supremo CBN fearing of the ruling YSRCP government. It is already known that Sonu Sood helped Nageshwar Rao with tractor after the viral video of Nageshwar Rao’s duaghters ploughing the field. TDP Supremo Nara Chandrababu Naidu also came forward to help the poor farmer family by providing free education to both the daughters.

But, YSRCP slipped to a new level of low and started threatening and humiliating Nageshwar Rao and his family. Nageshwar Rao even begged in the media not to exploit his family. However, the damage was already done by the ruling YSRCP government just because opposition TDP came forward to help. And now, poor farmer Nageshwar Rao has refused to take the help of opposition leader CBN.

As per the reports, few local leaders of YSRCP have threatened Nageshwar Rao not to get help from TDP Supremo. Fearing to the threatenings of YSRCP, Nageshwar Rao had to let go off the help TDP was providing. Meanwhile, TDP infact sanctioned the help of free education to both the daughters of Nageshwar Rao. YSRCP politicising even the help for a family has shocked the state. Infact, the cadre of YSRCP are itself showing their dissatisfaction on these deed of YSRCP Leaders.

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