Exclusive, First Coronavirus positive in Tirupathi

First Coronavirus positive in Tirupathi

A Coronavirus positive case from Tirupathi is reported a little while ago, this is first Coronavirus positive in Chittor district as well as from Tirupathi. Dr Usha Kalawat, processor of Microbiology Department has confirmed the the report.

A 25 year male is confirmed with the Coronavirus positive. Travel history of the patient is yet to be known. Right now the patient is kept in the isolated ward of the Sri Venkateshwara Institute of Medical Sciences, SVIMS. Experienced doctors are handling the patient with extreme care.

So far Andhra Pradesh has reported 7 positive cases with one patient in Nellore recovering. With this Tirupathi case the count of Coronavirus positives in Andhra Pradesh now jumps to 8. The count across the nation has gone 500 cases and is standing at 520. Number of deaths due to Coronavirus has also increased and is now at 10.

Meanwhile, Prime minister of the nation, Narendra Modi has announced the nation wide complete lockdown for next 21 days. The nation is in the verge of touching stage 3. The Government of India is putting a tough fightback against this devil Coronavirus infection.

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