Dr Sudhakar Mental condition is stable, says hospital authority

Dr Sudhakar Mental condition is stable, says hospital authority
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Dr Sudhakar Mental condition is stable, this is the latest update from the hospital authorities. Our readers would be well aware of Dr Sudhakar issue. Dr Sudhakar was stripped and trashed in the roads of Vishakapatnam. He was alleged of being drunk and abusive behavior by the Andhra Pradesh police department. Later, he was certified to be mentally unstable.

Following all these happenings, Dr Sudhakar was sent to Government Mental health care situated in Vishakapatnam. Now the latest update is that Dr Sudhakar Mental health condition is stable. Dr S Radha Rani, superintendent of Government mental health care, Vishakapatnam, as said the same to the BBC reporters. She added, Sudhakar will be kept under observation for the next 2 week’s before deciding about the further procedures.

In between, Sudhakar Mother Kavitha Rao and his wife accused Ys Jagan led Andhra Pradesh government for this situation of Dr Sudhakar. Kavitha Rao clearly stated that her son was all healthy and was never mentally unstable.

YSRCP led Andhra Pradesh government headed by Ys Jagan is being widely critisicied Worldwide. People were shocked to see the way a doctor was handled after all for asking the N95 maks. However, the formal word from the government stands to be against Dr Sudhakar. Indian Medical Association has demanded AP CM Ys Jagan for apology in Dr Sudhakar issue.

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