Credit War between TDP and YSRCP cadre in water reservoirs

Credit War between TDP and YSRCP cadre in water reservoirs

TDP and YSRCP are indulged in credit war over the water reservoirs issue. A long discussion started between both the cadre with regard to Pothireddypadu Project and Telugu Ganga.

We are all aware of the water war happening between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in Sri Sailam lift irrigation. Similarly, YSRCP Irrigation minister Anil Kumar Yadav is having a hard time with Ex- Irrigation Minister of TDP, Devineni Uma in the Polavaram project completion status issue. All this together has laid the path for a credit war between TDP and YSRCP.

In between all these, the Pothireddypadu issue popped out. YSRCP started claiming that the Pothireddypadu project was laid stone and opened by Ex-CM, Late Ys Rajasekhar Reddy. But, TDP claimed that the project was a part of the Telugu Ganga Canal and it was opened during Chandrababu regime, while the foundation stone was laid in the 1980s by the then CM NTR.

The actual truth is as same as the claim of TDP cadre. The Pothireddypadu project is a part of the Telugu Ganga canal. In the regime of Chandrababu during 2014-19, KCR called Pothireddypadu project opened by Chandrababu as an illegal project. Back then, both Chandrababu and KCR had a brief exchange of words over the Pothireddypadu project issue.

Therefore, TDP cadre started defending the credit for Pothireddypadu project. TDP cadre also pointed out another credit war issue, in which, YSRCP claimed the credit for KIA motors. TDP further stated that it is a habit for YSRCP and its cadre in taking the credit for every project irrespective of involvement.

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