Court condemned the Abuse of Power by Andhra Pradesh Police

Taking up the petition filed by Amaravati farmers, Andhra Pradesh high court has lashed out on the Andhra Pradesh police as well as on ruling government. Section 144 and police act 30 is in implementation at Vijayawada and Amaravati regions right from December 1st week.

Ysrcp led Andhra Pradesh Government has brought this section 144 in the Amaravati region even before the announcement of three capital idea. Right from the moment of tree capital idea announcement, Protests erupted all over the capital region and in parts of Guntur and Vijayawada. With the interference of Police, peaceful protests turned very violent in the capital region.

Police turned into animals like and started physically handling the protestors irrespective of gender. With the generation of Social media and smart phones all the atrocities of police came into limelight very quickly. Making the videos and photos as evidence, a group of farmers from Amaravati region had put up a petition in high court.

Yesterday when the case came for argument, Andhra Pradesh high court took the issue very seriously. High court condemned the animal behaviour of Police. It went through the visuals of Andhra Pradesh police Man handling women. High court questioned both the ruling government as well as police for the proper reasoning of this behaviour.

Court ordered public prosecutor to come up with a explanation over the issue. Meanwhile Public prosecutor asked for the time till Monday. But the court ordered to come up with the explanation from Government by friday. Also, Court questioned the implementation of 144 section and police act 30 in the region. High court furiously claimed the 144 section implementation as ‘Abuse of Power’.

High court has posted the next hearing to Friday and it is expected that high court might order the withdrawal of 144 section immediately. Meanwhile, NGOs of national level have brought suo- Motto cognizance on Andhra Pradesh police.