Coronavirus Patients worried with the cleanliness of the wards

Coronavirus Patients worried with the cleanliness of the wards

Coronavirus positive Patients are really worried about the cleanliness of the isolated wards allotted for the treatment. Especially in Vishakapatnam, the isolated wards are very poorly maintained. Those words lack basic facilities at the least. Patients admitted to the isolated ward are repeatedly complaining about the lack of drinking water facilities.

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It isn’t needed to mention separately about the Toilet facilities. The aspect to be more worried is that there is no attendant present in the wards for any kind of emergency. If not in the ward, at least nearby to the ward, the attendant present would be appreciated. The most horrifying of all is the disposal of this biowaste. The used injections and syringes are left just like that in the open.

The patients present in the coronavirus wards they themselves have shared these horrifying photos. They have requested the government to treat them with some care and humanity. Also, leaving the injections and syringes open might be a harm to the others also. Though the government couldn’t look into every aspect closely, the respective officials should be instructed to take care of every such aspect. In the coming days, if the number of cases increases, every small mistake could lead to the worst consequences. It is no surprise Coronavirus positive Patients are complaining about the cleanliness wards.

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