Sexual conversation of SVBC Chairman Prudhvi!

Comedian turned politician, SVBC chairman Prudhvi Raj has got into an issue. In a sting operation conducted by 99Tv, sexual phone conversation clip of comedian Prudhvi Raj has been found out. The identity of woman with whom he had conversation hasn’t been reveled.

Working at a divine place, Prudhvi Raj has forget to maintain decency and behaviour. This actor turned Politician has indulged in a sexual act through phone call with a unkown woman. In the phone call, he had spoke about, how he taught of grabbing that woman from her back and he had to resist himself fearing she might shout in public. He also spoke about hanging out together in her room getting boozed along with her and becoming intimate.

This clips have went viral in social media. 99TV in its sting operation has pulled this clips along with few others also. After listening to the clip of Prudhvi Raj, people in social media have started urging the government as well as TTd to suspend him as SVBC chairman. Tirumala is a divine place, such people with cheap behaviour must be kept away is the request being placed by devotees as well as general public.