Whether CBN looking for BJP Janasena support?

Ex CM CBN has made some sensational comments on justifying the alliance of Janasena and BJP. This response of Chandra Babu has recieved criticism. Firstly, was it necessary for Chandra Babu to make comments on Janasena BJP alliance. Secondly, Can’t Chandra Babu take on YSRCP government alone, is he looking for the support of BJP Janasena to take on ruling YSRCP government.

Speaking in a meeting of Amaravati Parirakashaana Samithi at West Godavari district, Chandra Babu responded to the questions of press regarding BJP Janasena alliance. CBN stated the alliance is good if they both can take on YSRCP together aggressively. Chandra Babu also added, if together BJP and Janasena couldn’t work on stopping capital trifurcation, the alliance wouldn’t be of no meaning.

It is to be noted, during 2014 elections Chandra Babu shared cordial relationship with both the parties. Later CBN pulled from NDA alliance after BJP cheated AP in Special status. After 2019 election, NDA continued to be in power while TDP was dethroned. The present situation of TDP isn’t that powerful to take on YSRCP solely.

With BJP and Janasena being in alliance now, TDP might look for a chance with them in working against YSRCP. Chandra Babu’s positive comments today on the alliance is a indication for the desperation of CBN for support.

Though, Chandra Babu may not be looking for a alliance, but at this moment Chandra Babu wants strong support. As Chandra Babu alone can’t put a strong fight against YSRCP government over capital trifurcation. YSRCP leaders have pointed this desperation of CBN for support from BJP and Janasena shows the inability of TDP.