Assault on woman employ in Nellore, Dy Manager prisoned

Assault on woman employ in Nellore, Dy Manager prisoned

Nellore, Tourism Department deputy manager has been suspended and arrested in Nellore after the assault on woman employ working in the same office on contract basis. This Shocking video recorded on CCTV came out yesterday evening.

Just because the contract employ, Usha asked the Deputy Manager, Bhaskar to wear a mask, she was trashed badly with iron rod. The saddest part is that Uma is physically disabled person.

This video of AndhraPradesh tourism department deputy manager Bhaskar beating up contract worker Usha with the iron rod in the office premises went viral. Immediately, Usha reached the police station and filed a police complaint on C Bhaskar. After the video gone viral, Andhra Pradesh DGP Gautam Sawang itself took up the case personally. He instructed the Nellore police to immediately Arrest the accused.

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After the arrest, he then directed the Disha police officials to handle the case. The tourism department has also immediately suspended C Bhaskar. Still, this assault on a woman employ in Nellore is such a shock. As she only instructed him to wear the mask. Arrest and Suspension alone won’t be sufficient for such a animal natured person like C Bhaskar. Police should look after that he gets the maximum punishment possible.