Ys Jagan plans safe game for Local body elections!

Andhra Pradesh state election commission is in the verge of announcing the dates for panchayat elections. As expectedly a case on GO 176 passed by Ys Jagan Government has held the election proceedings back. The reservations For Panchayat elections should be less than 50% as per Indian Constitution. Over riding the Constitution, Ys Jagan passed a GO stating upto 59.86% reservation in panchayat elections.

A public petition was filed in Apex court over the unlawaful reservation passed by Ys Jagan Government. In the primary level argument itself Apex court found prima facie merit and passed stay on this GO. Further apex court has directed the Andhra Pradesh high court to clear all the petitions regarding this case within 21 days span.

On the other hand, situation in the state isn’t favourable for YSRCP with the ongoing capital issue. Poitning this, Opposition has claimed the reservation policy of YSRCP was just an drama used to postponed the elections.

Using this period of time extension for panchayat election dates, Ys Jagan is in plans to do damage control over the capital issue. Ys Jagan led government is in plans of merging the 29 villages of Amaravati into Tadepalli and Mangalagiri municipal. If this happens, elections in this particular region will be with held for a while. Thus by which Ys Jagan Government can escape the embarrassment from Amaravati region people.