Amaravati farmers intensified the capital protest on 200th day

Amaravati farmers intensified the capital protest in 200th day

Amaravati protest has reached 200th day. The Amaravati farmers have intensified the protests. On the occasion of 200th day of protest, Amaravati farmers made the whole nation to look into the issue. Already, the nation knows about the ongoing capital issue in Andhra Pradesh. But, 200 days of Amaravati farmers protest has got its own significance now. Inspite of Covid19, Amaravati farmers have strongly maintained their stand to continue the protest.

Irrespective of the protests, Jagan Reddy led Andhra Pradesh Government tried to pass the bill for the second time in assembly. And Upper house successfully stalled the bill second time also. Till date, Amaravati Farmers have been left in a state of uncertainty regarding the capital issue. 20,000 farmer families have donated 33,000 acre lands to the Government and today 20,000 families have been left in helpless state.

NRIs have lend their support to the protesting farmers of Amaravati through social media. Also, NRIs in USA have planned a event on July 3 9PM, local time to show solidarity to the Amaravati farmers through Air Lantern. The intend of the protest is to make the pain of Amaravati farmers know to the world. On the other hand, Indian Central Government led by BJP has been a mute spectator all the time.

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