6000 people helpless in AP TG border, total mess by Ys Jagan

6000 people helpless in AP TG border, total mess by Ys Jagan

6000 people are left stranded and helpless in the AP TG border for 7 hours. The Telangana Government gave No objection certificates for public to travel to their natives. After waiting for hours in the Hyderabad police stations people got NOCs and started back to home. All this happened between Wednesday afternoon to evening.

The Andhra Pradesh Government knew that lot of people will be coming into Andhra Pradesh from Hyderabad. In the afternoon or evening, it should have held a press meet to say it won’t allow the public into the state. So that people could’ve become alert and stayed back at Hyderabad. People after reaching the borders were denied permission by the officials. Meanwhile the collector of Vijayawada under CM Jagan instruction has ordered the people to either return back to Hyderabad or stay in quarantine for 14 days at the AP TG border.

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Selfish attitude of Telangana government was clear. It just taught to get rid off the Andhra people from Hyderabad. Atleast Telangana government should’ve informed the Andhra Government to seek the permission. At this situation, 6000 people have become prey to the selfish attitude of both the governments.

Both the state, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, governments handled the situation very pathetic and miserable. Ys Jagan who has a very cordial relationship with KCR and KTR couldn’t coordinate things properly. Because of the lack of coordination, 6000 people for more than 7 hours left helpless and stranded at the border. The crowd included women, kids and few elderly people too.

It is pathetic that close friends CM Ys Jagan and CM KCR couldn’t coordinate and communicate in this issue.

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