2 Telugu states, but both states disowned 6000 Telugu people

2 Telugu states, but both states disowned 6000 Telugu people

Two Telugu states, but yesterday night both the Telugu states disowned 6000 Telugu people. While 6000 people were at Telangana- Andhra Pradesh border, both the state Governments were trying to wash their hands.

Inspite of lockdown, Telangana Government issued NOCs to those who wanted to travel to native places. Most of the population in Hyderabad belong to Andhra Pradesh. After getting the NOCs huge numbers of people from Hyderabad started journey to their natives in Andhra Pradesh. All this happened during Wednesday afternoon hours.

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There was atleast three to four hours time before these people could make to the Andhra Pradesh- Telangana border. Andhra Pradesh Government had ample time to make a announcement that no one will be be allowed to enter the Andhra border. But the government kept silent until the people reached the border.

On the other hand, Telangana Government wanted to evacuate other state people as much as possible. So that, in the future if Coronavirus outbreak gets intensified, health services can be provided only to the Telangana locals. Around 2000 NOCs were issued by Telangana Government by Wednesday evening for the non state people to travel.

Once the people started journey, they reached Andhra- Telangan border by evening 5. From then, the officials present at the border resisted the entry to the Andhra Pradesh people into Andhra Pradesh. At 5.30, the officials present over there said that, after testing they will be let in to the state. Later, after one hour, Local YSRCP MLA visited the border and asked the people to go back to Hyderabad. Again in some time Collector spoke to the stranded people and said the entry is restricted and going back to Hyderabad is the only option left to them. By then, it was already night 10 PM and around 6000 people were waiting at the border for entry. This situation could’ve been easily avoided if the Andhra Pradesh Government had informed its decision but earlier atleast.

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At 10 PM in the night, 6000 people, including women and kids were stranded in the middle of both states. With no food and no water the people continued to wait at the border. At Around 12 AM of Thursday AP government gave two options, either to go back to Hyderabad or take quarantine in the border itself for 14 days.

Crowd gathered over there were terrified with this decision of Andhra Pradesh. From then, the decision of Andhra Pradesh Government remains unchanged with still people waiting in the border. On the other hand, Telangana CM KCR has also requested AP CM Ys Jagan to rethink about the entry.

End of the day, with two Telugu States for Telugu people, 6000 people remained as disowned by both the states.