All Coronavirus affected dead bodies to be cremated in India

All Coronavirus affected dead bodies to be cremated in India

The government of India has made a crucial announcement that all the Coronavirus affected dead bodies in India will be cremated irrespective of religion. The government has also said that, not more than 5 family members will be allowed during cremation.

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India is a nation with diverse culture. Few Religions and communities in India don’t allow their dead’s to get cremated. So there was a huge question with the government whether to cremate or bury the Coronavirus dead bodies a super the respective religious beliefs. But, given the possibilities of Coronavirus spread, the government has come to the decision that the dead bodies should be cremated.

So far, 29 people in India have lost their lives due to the Coronavirus infection. The number of affected cases have increased to 1263. Though the cases are increasing, the spread hasn’t still reached the community level. So far the reported cases have been from foreign returns or primary contacts of foreign returns. The lockdown implemented by the Indian government has helped in curbing the Coronavirus spread to a larger extent.

On the other hand, Cabinet secretary has made an crucial announcement that the government is in no idea of extending the lockdown. Still, the public has to follow the ongoing lockdown strictly till April 15th.

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