Talk doing rounds on Vijay Devarakonda dressing style!

It is well known how much Vijay Deverakonda has been copying the Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh from his look ato his wildness. Ranveer is someone who is known for his harmless confident arrogance , wilderness and raw intensity with how he takes his life forward. Let us not even forget his most absurd and weirdish Outlander Outfits that he graces his fans with.

Never once in any of the talk shows or award functions has he disappointed people with his fashion sense. That is the mark that he has set for himself since that is what he is deep down. But when Vijay tries to imitate this weirdness and copy it to gain more fame within the Tollywood industry, it is becoming a huge setback for this Rowdy. Telugu audience have been feeling that Vijay has to either live up to the title that he gave for himself as Rowdy or be mellow and do what suits him. When he tries to be someone, fans themselves feel that he is too artificial and Boring.

In the recent trailer launch of his Productional debut, Meeku Mathramey Cheptha, he was sported wearing a really absurd, an out of place Fedora Hat for the event. With this, the trolls against him has risen even more and makes him look like an imposter. It seems like Vijay has to stop this imitation of Ranveer and try to show what he really is instead of the mirage that he covers himself with.