Trivikram gets noble comparison for Pooja Hegde thigh episode

Director Trivikram Srinivas always had his unique style of showcasing the heroines in his films. And the same is continued in Ala VaikunthapurramuLo. Like his every movie, in this movie too there are references to Heroine’s thighs / Legs, but this time there is a whole episode about Pooja Hegde’s thighs and legs and a song dedicated to them.

The U/A rating given to the film justifies itself, for the double meaning dialogues and a little vulgarly seeming sequences. Especially that episode where Allu Arjun keeps looking at Pooja’s thighs and fantasises about them. And it was continued by the Samajavaragamana song describing the beauty of her legs. A section of audience were shocked seeing this, as they did not expect this coming from a Star Iike Allu arjun, nor from Trivikram srinivas.

Seeing this Fetish of Trivikram for Heroine’s legs, audience started comparing him with popular Hollywood Filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino. This is due to the fact that both these directors from totally different countries share the same fetish, for the legs of Heroines. While this is all happening, Pooja hegde defended the track saying, there was no objectifying of woman, rather it is all about describing the grace and beauty in heroines legs.

Keeping all this aside, Ala VaikunthapurramuLo is having a dream run at the box office both domestically and in the overseas. Seeing the numbers, fans are overwhelmed and expecting this to be the first 100 Crore film for Bunny. This will also give a lot of relief to Allu Arjun after a flop, Naa Peru Surya.