Syeraa Narasimha Reddy ends up with huge losses

Megastar Chiranjeevi starrer Syeraa has ended its full run. Contrast to the expectations and positive reviews, it has ended with huge losses in box office.

Area wise Report

Telugu States-

Nizam – Average(30% losses)

Godavari Region – Flop(40% losses)

Ceeded – Flop (40% losses)

UA – Above Average (15% losses)

Krishna & Guntur – Flop (40% losses)

Nellore – Flop (35% Losses)

Karnataka – Disaster (55% losses)

Tamil Nadu – Disaster (70% losses)*

North India – Double Disaster(100% losses)*

Overseas – Flop(40%-45% losses)

Star represents ‘Based on Valued Theatrical business’

Syeraa initially opened to extreme positive reviews and positive word of mouth. Whereas given the costs involved, Syeraa failed to live up to the mark at the box office.

Syeraa Theatrical rights where sold for Rs 200 Crores worldwide. Whereas in its full run Syeraa Managed to collect around Rs 120 Crs worldwide. Thus leaving Syeraa as one of the biggest disasters of the decade with the estimated losses of around Rs 80 Crores.

With last Thursday Syeraa has officially completed its Theatrical full run.