Shruti Haasan says Nepotism helped to get opportunities but…

Shruti Haasan says Nepotism helped to get opportunities but...

Popular actress Shruti Haasan has made several interesting comments about Nepotism. This beauty has admitted the fact that nepotism exists in the film industry. She even boldly accepted that it also helped her during the initial days to get movie offers.

We have already seen that Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide has sent shockwaves into the Indian cinema. It also gave birth to a heated discussion about nepotism that is prevailing in Bollywood. Slowly nepotism has become a hot topic across all the film industries in India. While many star kids are maintaining silence, actress Shruti Haasan has boldly opened up about nepotism.

Shruti Haasan accepted that nepotism is still prevailing to date. She also made several interesting comments that the industry opened up for her because of her parents. “I got my initial opportunities due to my surname during the days when I don’t even know the right way of communication”, said this beauty. But she also added that only talent can sustain in the long run. “It is very difficult to sustain in the industry without talent and hard work, the background doesn’t help one to excel”, added Shruti.

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Shruti Haasan’s latest movie Yaara is gearing up for a direct digital release. This Hindi movie will be out on the Zee5 OTT platform tomorrow.