Sampoornesh Babu’s Kobbari Matta Team Trolls Mahesh Babu?

Recently, Mahesh babu is becoming a easy victim for trolls. One might think, what aspects Mahesh has, to get trolled. Sadly, there is one thing with which Mahesh gets to face all kind of trolls, Criticism and controversies. Kobbari Matta Team is again and again trolling Mahesh Babu.

Earlier, few months back Kobbari Matta team released a poster in which, It was said Kobbari Matta Collected 233.68 Crs. To the regular followers of movies, it will straight away take the memories to the Poster of Bharat Ane Nenu, which was released with collections showing 232.68 Crs. This become a sensation in the social media.

Kobbari Matta Troll poster on Bharat Ane Nenu

Now once again the team has come up with another troll on Mahesh Babu. They have released a new poster which shows, Kobbari Matta has collected “12Crs gross in 3 Days*” with conditions apply symbol. In Bottom of the poster they have written, *With Fans Request Rs 9Crs added. This one also point at the posters of Mahesh Babu which gets released with floated numbers beyond imaginations. However, no one has responded to this posters of Kobbari Matta team, as responding might confirm the truth in the posters.