RGV announced Powerstar, Biopic of Pawan Kalyan?

RGV announced Powerstar, Biopic of Pawan Kalyan?

Just a short while ago, the controversial director Ram Gopal Varma announced a movie titled “Powerstar”. And now there are many speculations that the movie might be the biopic of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. Already the mega fans have become very furious about this and started trolling RGV.

Ram Gopal Varma is a name that stands for itself. This controversial director doesn’t even need a special introduction. This Tollywood filmmaker is very well known for creating controversies just to be in the limelight. It looks like this director is on a spree of provoking a certain fandom with each movie he makes. After controversial Laxmi’s NTR and Amma Rajyam lo Kadapa Biddalu, RGV is once again back with another one.

RGV himself announced his next movie to be titled “Powerstar”. “BREAKING NEWS: My next film on RGVWORLDTHEATRE is titled POWER STAR ..it will be starring PK, MS, NB, TS, a Russian woman, four children, 8 buffaloes, and R G V. No prizes will be given for understanding who the characters are #RGV’s POWERSTAR”, tweeted this director. In addition, he also posted a video of an artist and wrote that “Here is the STAR of my new film POWER STAR …This shot was taken when he visited my office. Any resemblance to any other person is incidentally coincidental and intentionally unintentional..”.

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And now, many speculations are rising whether if this movie is the biopic of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. The title and the video RGV posted closely resemble Pawan Kalyan. In addition, already netizens started guessing that PK, NB, and TS in RGV’s Tweet might stand for Pawan Kalyan, Naga Babu, and Trivikram Srinivas. But for now, everything is just speculation. Only Ram Gopal Varma knows what is about to come.