Varun Sandesh Mask Torn, losses his cool with Rahul

The big boss house has successfully completed the 67th day of this season. Lets just say that the episode was rather very hilarious and quite interesting.

It is a well known fact that groupism is prevailing around the house within all the housemates. Such well known ones are definitely Vithika, Varun, Punarnavi, and Rahul. Rahul and Varun were considered to be the greatest epitomes of friendship until last week. With Rahul being eliminated for secret room task, the audience were able to see how much of a strong bond they both had. But yesterday’s episode completely shattered all those high praises for these two. In an ugly spat between the two of them, the house is induced in a shock as to why it happened.

During the task, Shivajyothy was asked to give three bricks to any of the housemates in order to build a huge wall. And so she gave one each for Rahul and Varun as well and intimated that the remaining bricks can be taken from the others at their own wish. While they were running around to obtain the bricks, Rahul become too serious and accused Vithika for physically harming him to the level of bleeding and hence Varun walked into the spat to shout his part. Words were exchanged on how Rahul also hurted Varun and that it’s all part of a task and that they should move on with it with dignity. Finally, the episode ended with each being at separate corners and contemplating about the the incident.