Nani starrer V movie has powerful yet emotional flashback

Nani starrer V movie has powerful yet emotional flashback

If the latest rumors are true, Nani starrer V movie is said to have a powerful and emotional flashback. And this flashback episode is said to be the heart of this movie, which is carefully designed to give the audience an intense high. Nani might be seen as an army officer during this episode.

Natural Star Nani is one of the most loved heroes in Tollywood. Believing only in sheer hard work, this actor successfully emerged as the top star among the Tier 2. Not confining himself to a single genre, this actor has touched many interesting concepts and impressed the audience. And here he is once again with a new one, in his upcoming movie V. It is already known that Nani will be seen as a baddy, probably a serial killer in the movie. Sudheer Babu is playing as a cop who tries to catch Nani.

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But now a shocking rumor about this movie has surfaced. It is being heard that Nani will surprise us as a Military Major in the flashback episodes of V movie. It is also being heard that this episode is a very special one and will surely give the audience a thrilling experience.

This Mohan Krishna Indraganti directorial film was supposed to be released this summer. But due to the lockdown, this movie is postponed indefinitely. Producer Dil Raju is yet to announce the new release date.