KTR asks Pawan Kalyan to call him brother and not Sir

KTR asks Pawan Kalyan to call him brother and not Sir

Minister KTR asked Pawan Kalyan to call him and treat as a Brother while Pawan Kalyan used ‘Sir’ to congratulate KTR. Pawan Kalyan in his tweet congratulated KTR and CM KCR for the great work they are providing in this difficult times.

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“Thank you sir,@KTRTRS ; we wholeheartedly congratulate you for the commendable job, being done by you ,under the leadership of Sri KCR garu at turbulent times like this”.

In the tweet, Pawan Kalyan has called KTR as ‘Sir’. Redoinding to the tweet of Pawan Kalyan, KTR quoted saying.,

“Thanks Anna 👍

Since when did you start calling me sir! Always a brother pls!“.

For this, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan responded to KTR saying Ok Brother.

It is the hard times which really test the Character of the humans. Stars like Pawan Kalyan and Leaders like KTR standing up for the human race is what making the humans race to stay trusted about the future. Power Star Pawan Kalyan has done donated Rs 2 crores to the CM and PM relief fund. Following the donation of Pawan Kalyan several other stars from tollywood came forward to make the donations.

Still, the battle to fight Coronavirus is very long. So far the government has been very effective in controlling the spread of the virus. Compared with other worst hit nations, the virus Spread in India is so far under control.

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