Khaidi aka Kaithi Movie review: Bold and Intense

Starring: Karthi, Narian, George Mariyan

Directed by: Lokesh Kanagaraj

Produced by: Dream Warrior Pictures

Music: Sam

Cinematography: Sathyan

Bottomline: Bold and Highly Intense

Gossiper Rating: 4/5


Story is all between three prime characters, Dillon (Played by Karthi) and Bejoy (Played by Narain), Dilli’s Daughter and Gangsters. An intense Gangster flick with a beautiful Father Daughter emotional sub plot. Dilli’s, A life time prisoner is on parole to meet his Daughter. In between how he gets stuck between Police and Gangsters is the rest of the story.


Young director Lokesh Kanagaraj has boldly choose to work on such a huge movie in the beginning of his career. With a very thin story line- fantastic screenplay and good execution, Lokesh succeded in Kaithi.

Writing of Lokesh with Interesting characterisations is to be appreciated. Gangster’s short temper Brother, bold cop are some of the characters beautifully written. Screenplay of Kaithi is the heart for the movie, which is a must for such a thriller genre.

With Zero Entertainment factors, Lokesh has made the audience to keep entertained for the whole run time. Lokesh is a director with a fantastic future ahead.

Karthi has solely burdened the movie on his shoulders. A master class performance from Kaithi. His performance in Kaithi will live forever.

Background Music by Sam. C.S is one more important aspect for the movie. First 20 minutes of the movie was very intense and the screenplay got major support from BGM also.

Final verdict:

Must watch.