Karan Johar left heartbroken as no one showed support

Karan Johar left heartbroken as no one showed support

If the recent rumors are true, Bollywood ace producer Karan Johar was left heartbroken as no one showed their support to him in the nepotism issue. After unfollowing many celebrities on social media, Karan Johar has now submitted his resignation to MAMI (Mumbai Academy of Moving Image).

It is already known that the debate about nepotism in Bollywood has raised a lot of heat after Sushant Singh’s suicide. After this young actor committed suicide due to depression, many have started blaming nepotism in the industry as the reason. And amongst all the others, Karan Johar had to take the major part of the blame. People have started bashing him alleging him of spoiling Sushant’s career. Even celebrities like Kangana also have blamed Karan Johar. In addition, a case was also filed on Karan Johar accusing him to be the main reason behind the incident.

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With this being the scenario, it seems like Karan Johar is heartbroken as no one came in support of him. This was very evident with the fact that he unfollowed many celebrities on social media. And to add more strength to this rumor, Karan Johar has submitted his resignation to the Mumbai Academy of Movie Image (MAMI).

Karan Johar is indeed one of the most influential persons in Indian Cinema. But that doesn’t mean that Karan Johar has to take all the blame for Sushant’s death. Keeping aside if whether Karan Johar really has a role or not, it is actually a collective failure of the Bollywood industry due to which Sushant committed suicide. But blaming all of it on a single person isn’t any good.