Whether Nani still interested to work with this Director?

Long long ago, Nani and Rahul Ravindran both decided to join their hands for a movie. This exactly happened when Rahul was riding high on the success of Chi La Sow.

While this duo’s movie was set to start their shooting, Rahul was approached with Manmadhudu2 script to direct. So they were forced to put a hold on this project. And now that the movie has been released and also become a disaster, it has become a big question whether Nani would move forward with this project. If a said movie does good in box office, then even the biggest heroes of the industry goes to that director. But when there’s even a slight glitch, no one would be ready to come forward and do films with them.

Though heroes don’t look into present flops, the distributors are influencing heroes big time to not work with flop directors. But then, since Rahul won the Best Screenplay award for Chi La Sow at National Level, there is a chance that Nani might take up to working with Rahul.