Amidst Trolls, Baahubali gets appreciated from Marvel Director

From last week, Baahubali 2 is finding severe trolls from Hollywood Audience for one specific scene. Baahubali is right now streaming world wide in Netflix, so the Hollywood audience who got to watch Baahubali have took social media to troll the Indian Sensational movie for few anti physics scenes.

In Baahubali- The conclusion, there is an one particular shot, which was shot irrespective of physics. Warriors including Baahubali would have been triggered from double palm trees, eventually they manage to land on the enemy fort walls. Amidst all the severe trolls, Baahubali managed to earn one of the biggest accolades also.

Famous Hollywood directors Scott Derrickson who directed Doctor Strange for Marvel has applauded Baahubali for its taking. Through his social media account, Scott Derrickson had called “Behold, India’s Baahubali 2!” Along with posting the video bit, which is being widely trolled. Definitely, Hollywood Director himself speaking about a Indian movie is a achievement.