Gang leader in Prime, concern for small- Medium budget movies

Natural star Nani starrer Gang Leader digital release rights is with Amazon Prime Video. It is now Streaming live on the digital platform.

Even before 30 Days window period, Gang leader has made into Amazon prime video. Seriously, film makers have to rethink the strategy of digital releases. If a movie is making its digital debut this soon, why does the audience would need to walk into the theatres.

However, high budget movies doesn’t get affected much because of this. It’s the small and medium budget movies which are already finding difficult in pulling the audience to the theatres. While a movie is released in digital platform this soon, movie makers might think twice. This has already shown the decline in Overseas markets. Gang leader, Raj Dhoot, Evaru, Kobbari Matta are some movie which got released within 30 days window period.