Chiranjeevi say about Syeraa Review from DSP and Allu Arjun


In one of the heart felt interviews given by Megastar Chiranjeevi, he shared about the first review to Syeraa from DSP and Allu Arjun. Megastar said how tensed he along with his wife Surekha was on the night of Syeraa premieres. Chiranjeevi said, no one called him until early morning, even the close aides who regularly call and say opinions of the movie.

Chiranjeevi recalled, Devi Sri Prasad was the first to message him around 4.00 AM about the fantastic response for first half. But Devi dint message anything after the movie. Which Chiru mentioned to be the most tensed moments. But at around 7.00 AM it was Allu Arjun who gave the proper review.

Chiranjeevi said, only after hearing the review from Allu Arjun and about the response of audience he was free from tension. Though Chiranjeevi is a megastar for almost three decades. His fear and tension before the release night says all his dedication towards cinema. However, this words from Chiranjeevi cleared about the speculations about Differences in Mega and Allu family.