Chanakya Movie Review- Gripping Narration

Starring: Gopichand, Mehreen Kaur, Upen Patel, Zareen Khan, Sunil, Ali and Others

Directed by: Thiru

Music: Vishal Chandrasekhar

Cinematography: Vetri

Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh

Produced by: AK Entertainments.

Gossiper Rating: 3/5

Verdict: A easy Passable Entertainer with okay First half and fantastic Second half with Gripping Narration.


Gopichand has pinned all high hopes on Chanakya. For quite a time, Gopichand is in slump phase. Chanakya deals about the story of a RAW agent and his friends. He has teamed up with director Thiru. He has directed some fantastic movies in the past for Vishal. Chanakya released with decent buzz. Mehreen Kaur and Zareen Khan played the lady leads.


Gopichand is A Raw agent, his colleagues cum friends get kidnapped by a terrorist in Karachi, Pakistan. At the same time, Gopichand gets terminated from RAW. Still, he managed to travel to Karachi to save his friends. Whether he saved them or not makes the rest of the story with couple of good twists in the second half.


Screenplay- Direction:

For a thriller, screenplay is the heart. Director Thiru’s strength is screenplay. His last movies like Samar, Naan Sigappu Manithan in Tamil were built in screenplay and went on to become Blockbusters. Thiru used Similar screenplay based formula for Chanakya also. He also succeded in writing a convincing Narration with gripping screenplay.

Though, first half was initially flat and out of context with Romantic track of Gopi Chand and Mehreen. Unnecessary comedy scenes with Sunil and Ali which hardly worked. Towards the pre interval sequence, Chanakya picked the pace. Interval set a perfect platform for fantastic second half. The sequence where Sohail Kidnaps Gopi Chand friends was well executed. RAW scenes are looking stylish and good.

Second half is the heart for Chanakya, Thiru mark direction was evident. Screenplay picks extraordinary pace as movie moves to Pakistan. Gopichand getting close to Sohail Khan for saving his friends has been picturised brilliantly. Also, couple of twists where placed at fantastic timings. Which makes the climax sequence a thrilling ride.

If the first half was little taken care, Chanakya would’ve become big Blockbuster. However, second half does it for all the money audience pay.


A cake made role for Gopi Chand, a similar style of performance he has already portrayed in Sahasam. He has shouldered the movie. Mehreen Kaur was inadequate and screen space was also very low. She had no scope for any performances. Zareen Khan was hot and in couple of scenes she performed good. However, both the heroines were restricted to less screen time. Upen Patel as Sohail khan was outstanding.

Comparatively, Sunil excelled than Ali in comic portions. Sunil comedy atleast evoked few laughs here and there. Ali of completely form out.


Background score by Vishal was good. In second half, BGM helped a lot to set the right mood. Songs were picturised good in exotic locations. Gulabi and Oh my Love songs are good. Cinematography by Vetri is outstanding. Especially in the second half, the rustic mode of Pakistan was beautifully Showcased. Editing was adequate and decent. Production values are so good.

Bottom Line:

Irrespective of flaws, a passable thrilling Entertainer.