Is it necessary for Digital platforms to undergo censor?

The whole of the nation since the past one year has been moving forward to the Digital media with increasing amount of rates. The web series has been selling a lot and in turn infact grossing a lot with all these attention. But in recent times, the Digital media has been pelted with raising accusations due their vulgarity and extreme adult content.

This might be owed to the fact that every series that is telecaster in Amazon Prime , Netflix India, and Hotstar do not go under the screening process. Certain people who sit infront of the television to watch these series along with their family have been feeling that this might be a threat to the society since teens and the youngsters will stray aside with these wild preachings. This has gone upto filing cases against the web series that are unusually extreme in all facets.

Having this in mind, it is apparently rumoured that the Ministry of Information And Broadcasting has decided to strictly do the censor screening for every single web series from here on. It is believed that this will be implemented from the yearly 2020 for the benefit of the audience. This seems like a good move because series such as Sacred Games, Mirzapur and The Family Man have been focusing more on extremities that are quite disturbing for a particular set of the audience.