Baba Bhaskar Mask Torn, now its the turn of Varun Sandesh.


Bigg Boss season 3 is finally on line. This week nominations were like fire. Baba Bhaskar was exposed, similarly Varun Sandesh is in the line for next.

All the contestants of Bigg Boss season 3 played a pretty low profile game. After the Controversial season 2 and it’s outcomes, no one really in the season 3 dared to touch the Controversial chord. Everyone acted in the house, keeping their originality under wraps.

Though, Baba Bhaskar was so obvious that he was acting. While Varun Sandesh and Ravi are comfortably continuing their good boy act. Whereas Varun Sandesh wife Vithika is being Criticised for her Back talking and double stands. Varun Sandesh is managing his cool attitude.

But, Varun Sandesh is palyed cool game in getting the nominations done. He is using Rahul and Punarnavi, along with his wife Vithika such a way that they control the nominations. Following the similar pattern, Varun Sandesh managed to nominate both Baba Bhaskar and Sreemukhi. Instead of Saying, Varun Sandesh is playing smart game, it would be better to say Varun Sandesh is playing Fox game along with his fox gang!