Anasuya Bharadwaj about Bigg Boss Entry

Anchor turned into Actress, Anasuya Bharadwaj is currently busy with promoting her newly released film ‘Kathanam’. During her press meets and interviews, she was asked about her entry to BigBoss 3 reality show. She decently kept a full stop to all the rumours surrounding her wildcard entry into the house.

In her most recent interview, She said ” I can’t stay away from my family for that long of a time period and I am frankly not ready to do such big sacrifice for the sake of a game show”. It is clear from this that her full focus is on her movie and she is working real hard to bring up the movie to all the people out there.

While one of the media person questioned if her denial to enter the game was caused due to the cases filed by Gayathri Gupta and Swetha Reddy against the show organiser Abhishek, Anasuya replied it wasn’t about any of those reasons. That she just didn’t want to participate because she isn’t ready to be away from her family while her son is still very young. Wishing her good luck on her new venture as a actress.