Accusations Bundle up on the cheap attitude of this Heroine

Anjali came into limelight with in a short period of time but failed to utilize it because of various reasons, a Tamil producer has come up with new accusation on Anjali.

Anjali was once expected to be one of the top heroines of southern cinema. She started gaining too projects in southern film industry. But all of a sudden offers for her stared to get thin.

Anjali started facing serious allegations for her attitude and character. Several police cases were also booked on her. Lately one of the Tamil Producer named NandaKumar has come up with a fresh accusation on Anjali.

Nandakumar has said, during the shoot of Ballon, Anjali behaved very unprofessionally at the sets also because of her film budget got escalated way higher than expected. He also revealed about the secret relationship Jai and Anjali were sharing. He also said, Jai and Anjali both used to stay in same room but they would send bills for two separate rooms.

The result of all this accusations is Anjali has started to fade out and is almost out with no films. In Anushka starrer Nishabadam she is playing a brief role, this is the only movie with her right now.