4 beauties raise the heat with Commitment Telugu web series

Commitment Telugu web series
Commitment Telugu web series First Look Poster

Commitment web series is surely set to be the first of its kind bold web series to be released directly in Telugu. Hyderabad Nawabs fame Lakshmikanth Chenna has directed this web series. The ‘Commitment’ web series will fave four episodes. The centre point of Commitment web series will revolve around the casting couch and the other dark side in the Telugu movie-making industry.

Commitment features four hot beauties Anveshi Jain, Tejasvi Madiwada, Ramya Pasupaleti and Tanishq Rajan. Other actors like Amit Tiwari and Simar Singh are also part of the cast. The first look poster of Commitment released today has left the movie goers shocked. All the four beauties were seen in the possible bold Avatars.

Anveshi Jain rose to fame with her soft porn web series Gaandi Baat. Tejasvi Madiwada is struggling to leave any impact. She hoped of becoming popular after the Bigg Boss Season 2. Whereas, her career graph went down further. Ramya Pasupaleti and Tanishq Rajan have also appeared in few small budget Telugu films, but none helped the actresses to gain fame. F3 media along with people entertainments have bankrolled this series. Commitment series will be having its release in April 2020. The makers are yet to make a call about the streaming platform.