Public Discussion: Who is better as Bigg Boss- Telugu Host.

Bigg boss has become one of the sensational shows in Telugu also. Telugu television got whole new dimension with bigg boss. Irrespective of age, all people are loving this show inspite of the controversies involved. The Entertainm Bigg boss provides to its viewers is quite high.

While the weekdays is all about the contestants, weekends is all about the hosts. Unlike other language Bigg Boss shows, Telugu version has had 3 different hosts for 3 different seasons. The show started with Jr NTR as host for season 1, Nani continued the season 2 while Nagarjuna has took up the hosting responsibilities for season 3.

Undoubtedly, this three are highly talented, no question with their talent. But there will be always a difference of opinion among the audience based on the mindsets. With respect to it, who has got more attention from the audience is what matters.

Season 1:

Hosted by Jr NTR was a huge hit in the history of television shows. The shows garnered a record TRP of around 19 points. This is the best TRP to date for any Television show. Thanks to huge fan following of Jr NTR. Not only about the following JR NTR has, the ease with which NTR took away the show to whole new level of high will remain a history always in the history of Bigg Boss as well as Telugu Television. The most talented Jr NTR recieved extreme positivity from all sectors of audience for his grip over the show and his hosting skills.

Season 2:

Season 2 had Natural Star Nani as host. Season 2 wasn’t as easy as season 1, the contestants Nani had were different from the contestants Jr NTR had. Nani was tested to the extreme, he had to face several critisicm for lack of grip on the house. Though his hosting skills were extremely talented, Nani couldn’t handle the mentally disabled housemates he had. Though the season 2 was also a hit, Bigg boss journey for Nani was a rough one unlike the smooth journey of Nani in film indystry. However, Given the situations Nani tackled to an extent which must be appreciated. The soft spoken actor safely relieved himself from season 3.

Season 3:

After looking at the struggles Nani had with Season 2, no young hero dared to touch the hosting of Bigg Boss season 3. The makers of Bigg Boss again approached Jr NTR, since the star is busy with movies, he gave a negative nod. Helpless Bigg Boss team finally went to seek the help from their god father Nagarjuna. After getting into the shoes of Hosting once again(previously Meelo Evaru Kotteshwarudu), Nagarjuna has completed 2 episodes as host. From the two episodes, audience have given a positive nod to Nagarjuna as well. The ease Nagarjuna is having says all the experience and grip he has. Undoubtedly, Nagarjuna will live up to the high benchmarks set by Jr NTR in first season.