Venky Mama Review- Clueless all the way!

Starring: Venkatesh, Naga Chaitanya, Rashi Khanna, Rao Ramesh, Payal Rajput

Directed By: Bobby

Music: Thaman

Cinematography: Prasad Murella

Editor: Prawin Pudi

Produced By: Suresh Productions

Gossiper Rating: 2.5/5


Here is the review of one of the most expected movie of the year Venky Mama. This movie brings Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya together. Jai lava Kusa fame Bobby has directed this project.


Venkatesh sacrifices his life to take care Naga Chaitanya. With age problems also increase between Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya. Owing to which, Naga Chaitanya gets away from Venkatesh. Meanwhile Naga Chaitanya life takes miserable turn and Venkatesh goes to the help for Naga Chaitanya.


Venkatesh & Naga Chaitanya screen Presence.

Re- Recording of Thaman.

Interval sequence.


Poor story & Narration.

Lousy Songs.

Over the top – unrealistic Military episode.

Second half.


Director Bobby has to take all the blame for miserably failing to capitalize on such a great opportunity. Lousy story and screenplay killed the movie. Extreme lack of realistic moments makes audience to remain disconnected with the movie. On overall first half was pretty okay with some comedy here and there. Second is the complete Villian with possible worst story. Second half was dragged with pointless narration.

Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya were fantastic to watch together. But they couldn’t save the ship from sinking. Heroines Rashi Khanna and Payal Rajput were out of the narration throughout the second half.

Bottom line:

Missed opportunity and worries continue for Telugu cinema distributors and exhibitors.