Finally Syeraa Overseas Deal Closed but..

Syeraa overseas pre release business was wide open until yesterday. No Distributors were ready to test their luck with this aged star movie. But then a Distributor came forward, not to tell the name. This Distributors are new to the business. Initially when no one was willing to take Syeraa, this Distributors were ready with all they had. Ram Charan, the maker of Syeraa had kept them on hold for a long period.

This Distributors infact accepted to the cost quoted by Syeraa makers. But, at theast moment, Ram Charan sold the movie to Phars international, a Dubai based distribution company. A silly reason was thrown at the faces of the small Distributors. Konidela Productions had stated the lack in experience as reason. This Distributors have got irked by this attitude from mega family.

They have claimed, if this father son duo already know they are inexperienced Distributors. Then why they should have kept them on hold. However Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan have throwed a smile at them and have walked away. However, Syeraa Overseas rights have been sold for whopping Rs 18 Crs cost. Which makes the breakeven for Syeraa as $7 Million gross.