CBN House Arrest- Resounding Victory For Opposition, TDP!

Opposition leader, TDP Supremo Chandra Babu Naidu has been house arrested owing to Chalo Atmakur Rally. Ruling party YSRCP is having hard time.

TDP locking YSRCP

Inspite of the humiliating loss in 2019 elections just with the seat count of 23, TDP is giving enough hard time to ruling party YSRCP. After the announcement of Chalo Atmakur Rally today, CBN was took into house arrest by the police Officials. CBN has been kept under house arrest at his undavalli residence.

From past 8 days, TDP has organised special camps with regard to ruling YSRCP Government atrocities on Opposition TDP cadres. Especially, in Palnadu region, several TDP leaders and cadres are said to be suffering big time because of the violence and atrocities being carried out by the ruling YSRCP Government. To save the party cadre from this political goons, Chandra Babu Naidu came up with the Idea of organising camps for rescuing.

Purpose of Chalo Atmakur Rally

The main Motive behind this camp is to take the party cadres of Palnadu region back to their homes safely. Around 125 families, mostly Dalit cadre of TDP are being harassed by the ruling party political goons. To ensure safety for them, CBN has asked the police to accompany this families back to the respective villages. With no proper response from government. CBN he himself came forward stating, he would accompany this 125 families back to their villages.


With regard to this Chalo Atmakur rally was planned today. But, state government headed by YS Jagan’s YSRCP has took the oppositions leader CBN and several other party leaders under house arrest to avoid the Chalo Atmakur Rally.