Amidst all Negativity, Indian police deserve a lot of respect too

Amidst all Negativity, Indian police deserve a lot of respect too

The Last two to three weeks has been a rollercoaster ride for Indian police with all negativity they don’t deserve. Police have been very instrumental during this Coronavirus lockdown. There are several videos of police officials trashing the public ruthlessly. But for those very few police officers, the whole police community cannot be blamed. There are several police officers who have left their houses and are on duty day and night even without visiting their families.

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Even during their flying visit to the houses they restrict themselves from touching their family members and kids. This is the situation of every police Official across the nation from past three weeks. Police officials in few places have turned to offer social services, few are trying to convince the public in different ways to stay in the houses during lockdown. The other day, there was an video in which the police official succumbed to years after requesting the public not to come out of the houses.

Beyond all this pain, just because of few police officials, the whole Indian police department is facing the negativity. In this hard times, the citizens of the nation should help the police by standing along with them. Meanwhile, the number of Coronavirus cases have seen a decline in the country from past two days.

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