Top 10 must-watch English movies on Netflix

Top 10 must watch English movies on Netflix

Here it is, the list of Top 10 must-watch English movies on Netflix. Here is our list of films, for you to enjoy the quarantine days.

10) Iron Man 3 :

This 2013 released Robert Downey Jr starrer is one of the best super hero movies ever. This one is a must-watch for all the MCU lovers. In specific to the RDJ fans.

9) V for Vendetta :

This 2006 released film is a dystopian political thriller. The film centers on “V” an anarchist and a masked freedom fighter who tries to ignite a revolution through terrorist acts.

8) Train to Busan :

Train to Busan [2016] is an award-winning Korean action horror film. The film revolves around a father taking his daughter to her mother in Busan when a zombie apocalypse has taken down the total country. This will surely give you a thriller experience.

7)  Gravity :

This 2013 released Hollywood film is a science fiction thriller. The movie revolves around American astronauts stranded in space after unexpected destruction of their space shuttle. Will they return back to Earth? You have to watch it to know the answer.

6) Predestination :

This Australian science fiction thriller is one of the most mind-bending movies. Based on time travel, this film’s climax will surely haunt you for several days.

5) Dr.Strange :

This 2016 MCU film is a must-watch for any comic book fans. The wonderful CGI will leave everyone with an “awe”.

4) Dunkirk :

This war film with an action – drama blended plot is a Christopher Nolan masterpiece. Movie lovers shouldn’t miss this ultimate work of Christopher Nolan.

3) The Shawshank Redemption :

This 1994 American drama film is all about prisoners narrating their stories to each other.  The film gives us many insights about life and is one of the best films ever in Hollywood itself.

2) The Irishman :

This 2019 Hollywood epic crime film is based upon the nonfiction book “I Heard you paint houses”.  Having a run time well over 3 hours, this movie will not let you leave your seat.

1) The Dark Knight :

This superhero film is yet again a Christopher Nolan’s directorial.  This is based upon the DC Comics character Batman.  This is one of the most successful superhero films thanks to the Heath Ledger played Joker character.

And this is our list of Top 10 must-watch English movies on Netflix.